Advanced device configuration options for Android players

You can set the Advanced configuration in the Right click menu of a Screen > Set > Set advanced configuration option for devices that support this option

Please note: Clear button only clears the input field to an empty json. Sending this json doesn't disable the previous configuration of the device.

Generic advanced configuration options for Android devices

These advanced configuration options work on all supported Android devices.

The basic configuration structure is the following json array, which contains the actual configuration objects

There can be multiple objects inside a singe command. For example you can enable both debug mode and memory watchdog in the same Advanced configuration json

Screen control

Control screens

Show debug logs

Sometimes the support team requires a device log from the users to find out what causes a problem on the device. Enabling the debug log on the device will show more information for us in the device log.

Set WebView basic authentication for HTTP stream

Set authentication details for secured HTTP streams

Examples on how to fill data in the configuration:

Set stream playback delay

Overwrites the default stream playback delay of the external player to start playing the stream from the buffer faster or more delayed. The default value is 1500 (ms), and the configuration only accepts values between 500 and 5000.

Turn on Wifi automatically

After the configuration is sent, the device turns on the Wifi, and every time the Wallboard application starts, it turns on the Wifi if it is turned off.
If the configuration is sent with a false value, it turns off the function.

Turn on trust all webpages

This command allows the device to load untrusted sources into the WebView.

Please note: Enabling this feature carries a certain level of risk. Once this feature is activated, we cannot accept responsibility for any unexpected outcomes that may occur

Turn on system memory watchdog

This command turns on a system memory watcher. If the device reaches the given percent limitation the application makes steps to free up used memory by restarting itself.
If the memory limit is exceeded a few times the application reboots the device to free up even more memory.
The minimum limit is 0.4, the maximum is 1.0.

Turn on IR handling

The Wallboard application disables the IR handling of the device by default to prevent people from turning off the device or causing any trouble. With this command, you can turn it on to allow the users to control the device with IR remote controllers.

Please note: If you turn on this function the Wallboard signage contents will not react to IR commands, only the device will receive them.

Qbic specific advanced configuration options

These advanced configuration options are only available on Qbic players.

Set Qbic application update URL

Change Qbic device's application update URL

Set Qbic firmware update URL

Change Qbic device's firmware update URL

Qbic HDMI/ CEC control

Enable HDMI/ CEC control for Qbic device

Qbic on/off type

This configuration only allows choosing the turn on/off method.

HDMI output

Allows the device to turn on/off the output source, the device gives to the screen. The disadvantage is that it does not turn off the screen.


Allows the device to turn on/off the CEC capable screen through HDMI.


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