Campaign Widget

Organize content playback placement and timing with  Campaign widget to deliver your Contents on an even larger scale.

If you turn off the Animated function elements in the active campaigns will just switch to the next element instead of animating out and in similar to Gallery widget's animation.

In the Animation selector you can choose between the animation types. You can set the delay time and the animation length here.

In Contents section the widget's content playback can be set

Native player option manages the video playback behavior. See more about Native Player

You can also Choose placeholder Content, and a page from it, which will show up as a default page , when there is no available campaigns to play. If you do not choose a placeholder, then Campaign widget will not show up if there are no campaign elements to play.

Automatic vs Manual mode

You can change if the widget plays the items in the campaign playlist automatically with the Automatic display switch.

If you switch off Automatic display you can interact with the widget, and navigate the playlist with another widget based on Manual display type.
Manual display type can be: amount or time. Amount is a set number from the campaign item playlist, and time is a set duration of time which is allocated to items.

More about interactions: Interactive widgets and touch actions

Here is a basic setup with Manual display type: amount based interaction

It only has a text widget with 'Click me' written on it and a Campaign widget where Automatic display is disabled and Manual display type set to amount.

Text widget Touch action will be setup like this:

Here is a basic setup with Manual display type: time based interaction

This setup is basically the same as the previous one, the only difference is that Manual display type set to time.

Text widget Touch action will be setup like before, the only change is that Value is set to 20, which will mean 20 seconds of set time duration:

Please note: Time based amaount tries to balance out the plays of each campaign element over time, which could apperar as random. It always tries to fill out the available time section with an element.

With Proof of Play you can report information about the media assets displayed by this widget.

In the Size & Position Menu, you can select the width, height, and placement of your widget quickly.
See more about Size&Position.


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