The client software did not start automatically, and the default android launcher shows up.

First of all: make sure that the default homescreen is set to the client application,
or the device is locked down which automatically sets the app for default homescreen application.


Possible causes





  •  Something went wrong with the reboot   


  •  Let's reboot the screen from the Content Editor and see if it works after reboot or it is still a problem.
  • If it starts then the issue is on our side or the android device's version is different that we are using and we may not have it compatible yet.
    In this case please report the problem to us for further investigation.
  • If the application is set to default home screen,
    but it does not start or it starts but crashes.
  • You can download the screen's log.
    In the log you can search for the words 'warn' and 'error', which can lead to expose the problem really fast.
  • In this case you may also have to contact us for investigation.

For the investigation please gather all the information you can get about the screen:
log, client version, android version, the type of the device.


You can find out most of these informations in the screen info:

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