The Synchronize Content function allows you to display a content synchronously on multiple screens.

You can turn on Synchronize content in the Content menu under Properties.

Things that the Synchronize content affects in the content:

  • Switching pages
  • Video/Videos elements
  • Image Gallery / Carousel elements
  • Content/ Contents widget elements
  • Weather element

After the function is turned on you only need to assign the synchronized content to more than one screen.

Please note that only the same device types can synchronize together. Android with Android, BrightSign with BrightSign etc.

Synchronization is mandatory for the Softmatrix solutions. Our Softmatrix is most helpful when working with Video walls.

About Softmatrix

Synchronization on Android devices:
Synchronization on BrightSign devices:

In addition to displayer synchronization, the Wallboard BrightSign client gets accurate time from the server it is connected to, but in a local network, only one automatically selected device does this, then it synchronizes this time to other BrightSign devices locally via main device that gets the time from the server is always chosen based on the Wallboard device ID it gets during installation automatically, the last in alphabetical order. In future releases this device ID will be editable; however, at this time it is randomly assign during installation.

To locate a BrightSign's device id, right click on the screen and then select screen info.

Only one content can be synchronized per local network with BrightSign. If you have multiple BrightSign devices on the local network and you are using a soft matrix solution for a BrightSign video wall, you will need to ensure that the "Master device" is one of the media players assigned the Soft Matrix "Child" Contents.

If the "Master device" is not assigned one of the "Child" Contents, then synchronization will not work and some of the players will not even attempt to play their videos because they are waiting on the Master device which is not apart of the Soft Matrix configuration. This can easily be fixed by swapping out one of the devices and including the Master Device in the configuration.

Videos use an additional setSyncParams method, described in BSSyncManager, which enables Genlock (frame-accurate VSync) synchronization.

Synchronization on Windows devices:

Windows uses NTP and fallbacks to the HTTP source if the former is not available.


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