Deploy Wallboard Client Through BrightSign Network

Disclaimer: This is a one way operation, which permanently moves a BrightSign device from BSN to Wallboard, and cannot be reverted remotely. The device can NOT be connected to both BSN and Wallboard at the same time. If you wish to move a device back to BSN from Wallboard you have to manually replace the contents of the SD card on the device.

0. Connect BrightAuthor to BrightSign Network: In BrightAuthor: Edit menu / Preferences / Networking / Enable BrightSign Network, then Tools / Sign in to BrightSign Network

1. Create a presentation in BrightAuthor, save it with a preferable name

2. Add media to the playlist under Edit tab because the presentation can't be empty per BrightSigns recommendation. Preferably the Wallboard or your brand's logo as an image.

3. Under File / Presentation Properties / Autorun tab / Script Plugins add the .brs file appropriate for your brand linked below, and in the Name field enter: deploy

4. Under the Edit tab at top right press the button Upload to network

5. In BSN / Groups assign the presentation to the group containing your devices: Add Presentation, select it from the dropdown, check "Active All Day Every Day" and click Submit

If you would like to add your devices to a different server you can edit the .brs file with any text editor, and modify the URL passed to url. Set URL in line 24


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