The Desktop Broadcaster App (DBA) is a Windows desktop application that you can easily manage from important corporate and departmental notifications to interactive designs and data to get the right information to your workforce.

How to install:
(Only compatible with windows 10)

Firstly, we will send you the requested files for install, this includes the installer (.msi), the installer option (.txt), and the documentation (.pdf) for it.

  1. You need to config your .txt file with a text editor like Notepad++.
  2. In the file, you will see the install.url which contains a string with our server URL, and the install.
    which is an installation key that can be generated on the target server.
    (You can create your installation key in the Install rules menu.)
    There is tons of customizable parameter you can manage your installation. See more about them in the documentation file.
  3. After you set the .txt file, you need to change the file format to .bat and you can run it as Administrator.
  4. You are done! Your DBA successfully installed.

How to use and edit your DBA:

After you setup DBA on your system.  You can control it in the Wallboard editor.

Here is an example of content that you can use to

  • change the application setting
  • hide the application on a user interaction
  • start an external application

This content contains 2 buttons to control your DBA:

  • One for a jump to the meeting.
  • Another for close the DBA window.

If you want to manage your DBA, you need to come to the Content menu and pick the Edit page change events button.

After this you need to select some option:

If you want to change the DBA settings at the start, you need to set the change type to Page start.

Here we selected the Static sensor or device event and the Desktop broadcaster.

After this, we can select what we want to do:

Change settings: settings for DBA.
Show: If you want to show your DBA content on interaction to your employees.
Hide: If you want to hide it on interaction from your employees.

For our content, we set my DBA based on the previous image. (size: 1920×144, Show in taskbar: ON, Can exit: ON, Can minimize: ON…etc)

Here some example of how did we call the Hide action:

On my

button, I have a touch event on it.

and how did we call the website on my


With the Start application, you can open websites, email to someone, open programs…etc.
(For more information about it, please read the documentation.)


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