For Face mask detection you will need an M5 Stick V, our Sensor designer application, a signage device with an Enterprise license, a Content set up with sensor event reaction, and about 20 minutes.

1. Download and install the latest Sensor designer application to your PC.

2. Connect the M5 Stick V to your PC via USB.

3. Connect to the M5 Stick V in the Sensor designer application. (If Quick connect does not find the Stick you have to choose the right port from the list, if you do not see it then replug the USB cable and try again)

4. Select M5 Stick V as a connected device and click on the Firmware icon.

5. In the appearing list, find the latest mask_recognition firmware.

  1. First, you can see a download icon. Click on it.
  2. Now you should see a burn icon. Click on it. This will start the burning process. Wait until it finishes (WRITING IS DONE message).

6. Now the camera is completely set up.

7. On the CMS, right-click on your signage device and navigate through the Manage screen -> Set ->Set sensor configuration.

8. In the appearing modal, select the Default preset configuration, and press Save.

9. Connect the burnt M5 Stick V to your signage device.

10. Now the device with the camera is done, let's start creating the content.

Content creation

1. First, you have to create the pages which will be shown when no one is in front of the camera, the person wears a mask, and the person does not wear a mask.
  Only the default page should be in the Main playlist.

2. Find Content properties -> Edit Sensor events, and press it.

3. Set a Content wide event, for returning to the default page when no one is standing in front of the camera.

  1. Click on Actions and create a batch action.

4. Now create Page wide events for each page.

   1. Jumping to "Mask ok" from "No mask"

    Batch actions:

   2. Jumping to "No mask" from "Mask ok"

    Batch actions:

   3. Jumping to" No mask" or Mask ok" from "No people"

    Batch actions:

5. Now assign the content to your signage device and you are done. The Face mask detection is set up.

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