If you want to connect your Google Spreadsheet to our system you have to do some steps.

First, you need to share your spreadsheet so it is accessible to "Anyone with this link" as shown below

After this step, you need to copy your spreadsheet ID and your gid number

and put them in this URL:

https://spreadsheets.google.com/feeds/list/spreadsheet ID/od6/public/values?gid=gid number

(If you want to use another sheet, the link will change so that the ID remains, but the gid number will change. The gid number refers to your sheets.)

With this URL you can add your spreadsheet to your datasources:

Click on "Use existing Url"

Fill in the fields as follows. Under URL is where you will paste the URL that was formatted above

(We need to mention that the special data in the spreadsheet (date, currency) sometimes appear incorrectly on Wallboard. This can be fixed if you change the text format to "Plain Text".)

If you are done with all these steps you could use your spreadsheet data.

*If you see that your datasource has an error count greater than 50 in the datasource menu under settings, you must reset it via the button on the right so the counter can reset itself and start pulling data.


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