Creating a Microsoft application for Wallboard

  • Open azure portal
  • Select Azure Active Directory -> App registrations
  • New Registration
  • Name your application
  • Select "Accounts in any organizational directory (Any Azure AD directory - Multitenant) and personal Microsoft accounts (e.g. Skype, Xbox)" under supported account types
  • Register

Setting up your Microsoft application

  • Authentication
  • Add platform -> Set redirect URI to https://{yourdomain}/public-api/microsoft/authCallback/multiTenant/sharepoint
  • Configure
  • Add more Redirect URI to support different authentication scenarios
  • Add https://{yourdomain}/public-api/microsoft/authCallback/multiTenant/personal
  • Add https://{yourdomain}/public-api/microsoft/authCallback/singleTenant
  • Save
  • API permissions for Microsoft Graph
  • Add permission for Microsoft Graph
  • Choose Microsoft Graph
  • Choose delegated permissions
  • Add the following permissions
  • offline_access
  • Files.Read.All
  • Group.Read.All
  • Sites.Read.All
  • Calendars.ReadWrite (for calendar integration)
  • API permissions for Power BI
  • Add permission for Power BI
  • Choose Power BI
  • Choose delegated permissions
  • Add the following permissions
  • Dashboard.Read.All
  • Dataset.Read.All
  • Report.Read.All
  • Workspace.Read.All
  • Certificates and secrets
  • Under Client secrets -> New client secret
  • Fill accordingly
  • Copy the secret! (It won't be readable afterwards.)

Set up Microsoft application in Wallboard

  • You need superadmin rights in Wallboard
  • Open system settings
  • Under Microsoft API settings
  • Ms API Oauth2 client-id - you can find it on the overview page of the application in the azure active directory (with name of "Application (client) ID").
  • Ms API Oauth2 client-secret - the secret that you set up earlier.
  • Restart the server.


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