This article will show you how to set up your Wallboard device and content to communicate and handle Nexmosphere sensors.

In this example I use a Nexmosphere XN-185, XT-B4, and Push buttons.
First step is setting up the device and the sensors

You will need an Android device with Enterprise license in the Wallboard CMS.

Set the sensor configuration of the device to the following:

The pattern regexp determines the format of received messages.

Attach the buttons to the Nexmosphere XT-B4 interface.

Attach the Nexmosphere XN-185 controller to the Android device.

Open a consol on the Android device from the Wallboard CMS and check if the events appear after pressing the buttons.

Lets set up a content now.

The main concept will be the buttons switch pages, and an image widget sends back message to the Nexmosphere controller

First we set up the received message handling under the Content properties Edit sensor events section

Received message: { " event " : " X001A " , " value " : " 3 " }
Received message: { " event " : " X001A " , " value " : " 5 " }

Now set up the event sending on the image widget. When the widget is interacted it will send the value to the Nexmosphere controller.

Turn on "button 3" light
Turn off all button lights

Now everything is set up. Assign the content to the screen and try out the concept by pressing the buttons and the images


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