How to upload your data from input fields to internal datasource

In this article, we will go through some steps that you need if you want to make a system that uploads your input fields data to our system.


Create datasource

Firstly, you need to create your internal datasource, where we want to upload all the information,

and setup your data fields.

Create your API key

You can read about it in this article

Create your webhook action

You can read about it in this article

Select Insert to internal datasource array action and the target need to be your created datasource.

Create the content.

Here you can download the example content and import it.

Select the EN 2 - Info collecion page.

Click on the OK button

Select the Widget -> Other -> Edit Touch Events

Here you can select which fields of data do you want to collect.

Inside of the Action button settings

We compile the data.

Here we use Execute action batch with Call function Sent fields



Make sure your keySelector is contains your internal datasource table name like below:

"keySelector": "YOURTABLENAME.rows"

Make sure you use your TABLE fields names.

"YOUR_TABLE_FIELD_NAME": receivedValue.CustomerName,

Inside of the Action button settings

We call this API with GET Special

Api URL:


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