Installation Guide

  • Make sure you have an empty storage device connected to your player (SDCard Class 10 SDXC). It must be formatted using FAT32 or ExFAT.
    If the storage device is not empty the install process will not work!
  • Make sure the player is connected to the internet via Ethernet cable so the player can obtain an IP address.
  • Factory reset the player using this guide:
  • Connect to the Diagnostic Server of your player:
    * Remotely: If you have a BSN Cloud account you can connect to your device through the internet:
    * Locally:
     - Connect your player to the same network as your computer
     - Find the IP address of your player: if you don't know the IP address, start your player without the SD card, and the IP address will be displayed on the screen

     - Open the player's IP address in your browser
     - Log in with the username admin and the password is the Serial Number written on the bottom of your player

  • Set up the local time of the player on the Info page:
  • Configure your Wi-Fi if needed

Wallboard Client

  • Download the Wallboard Client application from the Editor under Settings / Downloads:
  • Unzip the .zip file to your SD Card (Class 10 SDXC)
  • Turn on the player and enter a server URL that you wish to assign the screen to.
  • If the connection with the server is established you will see a four-digit long unique identifier code in the bottom left corner of the screen.�
  • Register the device under your client in the editor. See more about Register a new device
Please note, that BrightSign devices use our application and cached contents from the external SD card, so it is important to select a fast and reliable card. Our internal tests comparison

Technical comparison of BS devices

Watch a video about Wallboard on BrightSign:


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