This article shows you how you can enable IR handling on the device and use IR commands in content as sensor events

First, you have to know if your Android device is IR compatible or not.At once, only the content, or only the device can react to IR commands.The Wallboard Android application always disables the IR command forwarding to the device when the application first starts. We do not allow IR commands to affect the device (like turn off, volume up, etc.) to prevent people from ruining your signage screen.If you somewhy set this on to let the device react on IR commands, you have to turn it off by sending down the following user command:

More about User commands

Once the IR handling of the device is turned off you can set up the content IR handling.
  • Your device needs an Enterprise license, make sure it is registered in the Wallboard CMS system with that!
  • Download and install our sensor designer application
  • Start the sensor designer application
  • In the sensor designer application log in to your editor server with your email address and password
  • Select the screen that you want to use
  • In the Sensor configuration section, select Android from the Connected device dropdown
  • Select IR Controller as Connected sensors
  • Press the 'Send configuration to screen over the cloud' button (Blue button in the bottom-left corner)
Now you have to find out what messages the buttons on the IR controller send.
  • From the right-click menu of the device, send down a Show console window SHOW command to your screen
  • If you press buttons on the remote controller, you should see SensorEvent logs in the console window
  • Here is the list of IR commands that you can use in the content. Make sure your device receives the desired commands.
  • IR_UP
  • From the right-click menu of the device, send down a Show console window HIDE command to your screen
The last step is creating the content
  • Create the content you want to display, add widgets and create the desired design for it
  • In the content editor, on the right side, find the 'Content' properties menu and find the 'Edit sensor events' button and press it
  • Add new sensor event reactions and set the desired reactions for the IR events
  • Assign the content to your screen
  • Press the buttons of the IR controller and if you set up everything properly the content will react to the events
  • If it works properly then you did a great job. You created IR controlled concept for your Android device
If you have any questions contact our support team at

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