This document was created for helping Wallboard partners in case of an on-premise server implementation design. Wallboard is a digital signage platform that delivers visual and numerical information to the connected media players and client applications. It can be used for several different use cases, but the design of the software platform was focusing on this.

Pros of an on-premise installation
Cons of an on-premise installation
  • It will run on the dedicated infrastructure of the end customer.
  • Serving only the client applications of that customer.
  • It can work without public internet access, in a secured environment.
  • It can be purchased as a one time cost, maintenance and updates are sold separately.
  • The system is updated when they allow the update.
  • The infrastructure can be scaled based on the customer needs.
  • Even Wallboard doesn't have access to the server if the customer blocks it.
  • The system configuration is up to the customer’s needs.
  • The installation service and the server has a one-time fee.
  • The maintenance and updates are provided only in the supported and paid period.
  • The customer needs to provide technical staff and an environment for running the system.
  • The backup and security of the system need to be provided by the customer.
  • The public helps links will point to Wallboard’s site, or they have to provide the links.
  • Investigation of an issue will take longer.
  • Not all the features will be available, they will be limited by the network access (KeyCloak, public image searches, youtube widget…).

About server sizing

More info about server prerequisites: https://wallboard.info/knowledge-base/server-prerequisites/

About server maintenance

Backup and restore guide: https://wallboard.info/knowledge-base/server-backup-guide/
Monitoring guide: https://wallboard.info/knowledge-base/server-monitoring/
Logging guide: https://wallboard.info/knowledge-base/server-logging/

Database and file system

The Wallboard system uses MySQL 5.7 and the local file system within the provided Docker environment, but it can be configured to use a central file system and database for safety and high availability.

Public services

Wallboard server communicates (when available) the following services from the public services of Wallboard. When the communication to the *.wallboard.info is not available these services will not be able to work properly:

  • Weather information, public image file services, live/public RSS feeds, and services
  • Youtube videos, Google Widgets
  • KeyCloak (SSO) user authentication

If the server is not able to communicate to license.wallboard.info then the renewal of the license file will fail. For this case Wallboard can provide a perpetual license, for this please contact Wallboard. The server needs to communicate to an SMTP server to be able to send out email notifications (user registration, forgotten passwords, alerts).More info about services: https://wallboard.info/knowledge-base/server-configuration/

Scaling with Device Manager Servers (DMS)

More info: https://wallboard.info/knowledge-base/dms-device-manager-server/

High availability

Wallboard provides only cold server High availability solution, where the files and the database are provided by a HA solution of the customer, the Active Wallboard Server manages the system, but in case of a disaster, the cold backup computer is wakened up and registered with the same IP address.

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