M5 Device ports

Custom Digital/Analog Sensor
Sensor with Digital/Analog grove connector (black)
Custom I2C sensor
Sensor with I2C grove connector (red)
Custom UART Sensor
Sensor with UART grove connector (blue)

When a sensor is linked with a device always use the color to color  concept.

For example: The connector color of two hubs (PaHub, PbHub) are red, so they can be linked to the red port of the device , which is the PORT A. PbHub has 6 channels whose colors are black, so only sensor with black colored grove connector can be linked in these six channels(Digital/Analog  sensors).

HUB for I2C Sensors (PaHub)
HUB for Digital/Analog Sensors (PbHub)

PORT A - I2C or digital. This port (grove connector) color is red on the device and sensors too.
PORT B - Digital, Analog port. This (grove connector) color is black on the device and sensors too.
PORT C - UART. This port color (grove connector) color is blue on the device and sensors too.PORTSM5Stack CoreM5stack Core + PLUS ModuleM5Stack Core + USB ModuleM5Stack FireM5Stack StickHas


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