Proof of Play

Proof of Play is a statistics option to gain information about the below listed elements:

  • Loops and Contents that contains assets with Proof of Play
  • Used files with Proof of Play
  • Screens that played elements that contains assets with Proof of Play.

How to enable Proof of Play:

To make Proof of play reports, You have to enable it when You edit your Contents, Loops.

Widget --> Other --> Proof of Play

Where can You find Proof of Play?

We have 2 methods how You can use the Proof of Play icon.

First method:

Section headers:

We have this icon next to the Section headers of our Home screen:

Section Headers's Proof of Play give us information about elements that are in the section where You chosed the Proof of play.

Proof of Play for all screens

Screens ' s Proof of Play: This will list you the screens where you have elements with enabled Proof of play.

Proof of Play for all contents and loops

Loops and Contents give us the same informations about the loops and contents where You have elements with enabled Proof of Play.

You can also find this icon in You navigate yourself into File manager

File manager

Proof of Play for all media files

This Proof of Play gives you informations about all media files where You enabled Proof of Play.

If you navigate yourself into Settings --> Screens or Contents, and select the Proof of Play you will get the same report when You chose the above mentioned options.

Second method:

There are many options to get reports only a specific Screen, Content, Loop or Media asset:

Proof of Play for content 2

The Proof of Play You choose with this method is only for the chosen Content, Loop , Screen or File.

The result is the same when You choose a file from your folder to check the Proof of Play,

or when you check it in Settings --> Contents or Screens.

Please note that, if you choose Proof of Play not from the Section Header, it will report only the element where Proof of Play is enabled.

How to use Proof of Play pivot table:

My example is based on Proof of Play for all contents and loops.

First of all, when you open the Proof of Play, you will see a Modal like this one:

Resolution: you can set the report interval to weekly or monthly.

Time range: set limit to the previously chosed time interval.

Group By:

  • default option based on duration and the contents
  • content pages based on content page

If you have decided what kind of report you wish to see, you can download a csv with these basic configurations, but if you want to see further informations in your report, you should click on the Show button where you will see the following table --we will choose the content pages option-- :

1. Presets:

Presets helps you to make readable charts based on previously made settings what you can apply on your pivot table.

2. Display method:

Display method let you change between different charts like barchart and tables like heatmap.

If you choose the Horizontal barchart you can select the unwanted elements of your list and hide them.

Chart based functions can be downloaded with the camera icon on the right.

Table based functions cannot be downloaded.

3. Aggregator:

Aggregator is responsible for the base aggregation of the function.

4. Aggregator value:

Aggregator value is responsible for the value of the aggregation.

Please note that, You cannot download the csv if you click on the Show button, so if You are concerned you need the report you made in the Proof of Play modal please download it.

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