Registering a New Device

After you install the Wallboard application on a device you will see a four digit code on the screen.

You have to login to the editor interface to add a new screen. Once you are at the Homepage press the "+" icon and select Screen.

In the add screen modal you will see the followig:

  • Temporary id / Serial: Enter it's four digit code or use serial code. See more about Serial registration
  • Name: Give a name to your new screen
  • Choose a licesne order
  • Choose a content: Optionally you can choose a content, that will get assigned to the screen at the moment of registration
  • Team: See more about Teams
  • Advanced: See more about Advanced

If you haven't choosen a Content, then when the registration is finished you will see a 'There is no content assigned to this screen!' message

The name of the screen will appear in the corner. You can hide it by right clicking on the device and setting the display screen name value to hidden.

Your screen should now show up in your portal illuminated with a green circle indicating that it is online.


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