Sample Reports

Our WB server can call NodeJS scripts and pass over all the information for custom reporting.

You can write your own script for the following events:

Device Status Changed Event
when the device goes online or offline

Page Time Add Event
When the content reports a new page loaded

Content Created Event
Content created/saved/deleted

Customer User Login Event
User login

User Added Event
User created

User Removed Event
User removed

Customer Added Event
Client created

Customer Removed Event
Client removed

Customer License Count Changed Event
Client's license number increased or decreased

Customer License Type Changed Event
Client's license type changed

Advertiser Topup Event
Advertiser's balance encreased

Advertiser Charged Event
Advertiser charged

Page Item Click Event
Submit button clicked on device

Device Renamed Event
Device renamed

Device Assign Content Event
Content assigned to device

Device Removed Event
Device removed

Device Assign Customer Event
Device assigned to customer

Media file time added Event
Media file displayed on device

Custom Asset Displayed Event
Custom asset displayed

Slide Time Added Event
Slide displayed in loop

Content Updated Event
Content saved

On the Administrator page, you can enter the URL of your custom scripts for the events.


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