In this short article, we will lead you step-by-step through how to start using our Sensor Designer.

(Link to Sensor Designer website here.)

First view of the website:

Firstly, you need to register

After this, you need to confirm your email address

After you have confirmed your email you can log in and download our latest client and install it.

(Version numbers can be different. Maybe the old ones will be deprecated when new ones come)

After you successfully installed the client, you can log in to the client with your email and password.

Here, you need to log in to your wallboard editor account (not with the sensor designer one).

After this, you can manage your client

and after that, you can select your screen.

If you want to write firmware to your connected device, you will need to fill your balance with credits. Without it, you cant write firmware, and this icon will not show up.

If you need credits, you can click on the credit icon  and it will lead you to the sensor designer website.

There you need to click on the credit icon again.

After this, you can request credits.

You will get an email about it before we topped up your balance, and after it also.

Now you can write firmware to your connected devices.


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