Operation System requirement

Minimum hardware requirement

CPU: 4 core CPU (dedicated cores)

RAM: 12 GB for on-premises, 16 GB for cloud-based servers

Storage: 245 GB SSD for the base installation, and additional storage required for optional components such as backups and logs

  • Wallboard installation (docker images and containers) - 50 GB
  • Wallboard data - 50 GB
  • Wallboard media files - minimum recommended 100 GB (recommended to use separate volume)
  • core database - 15 GB (recommended to use separate volume)
  • statistics database - 30 GB (recommended to use separate volume)
  • additional separate volume - logs 120 GB (store 30 days of log)
  • additional separate volume - backup 250 GB
Example configurations
Number of Devices CPU RAM
1-100 4 core 12GB
100-500 4 core 16GB
500+ 8+ core 32GB


  • The minimum system requirement was determined based on typical usage patterns, but may vary depending on specific use cases and circumstances
  • It is strongly suggested to use a configuration with an 8 core CPU and 32GB RAM if you have more than 500 devices to ensure optimal performance
  • The required Wallboard media storage size is contingent upon the number and size of files, contents, and data sources that need to be stored on the server
  • Preferred dynamically extendable storage volumes
  • RAID configuration is recommended for higher performance and security
For more detailed server and network requirements, please visit Wallboard private docs site.

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