Stream Samples

You can display live streams in your content in multiple ways

Since these streams are not provided by us, we can not guarantee that they are available at all times or have not been deleted.

You can use the Youtube widget and set the source of it to the YouTube-live's URL.

Here are some samples:


You can use the Stream widget's HTTP stream function and set the source of it to the URL of the stream.

Here are some samples:

Some Arabic TV:

You can also use the Stream widget's HDMI Input function and set the source of it to the URL of the stream.

For this you have to have a device that has a HDMI Input.
It will display the input through the stream widget in your content.

An example device that is capable of this is: Xnano X5 or devices with Realtek RTD1295 chipset

To use a UDP stream from your local network you will need a streamer device.

You can also create a local M3U8 stream with a protocol conversion from the RTSP


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