Organise content playback placement and timing with  Contents widget's new Campaign mode to deliver your Contents on an even larger scale.

Breaking changes!

Starting with version 1.11 we reworked statistics reporting. Older statistical data will be wiped including the following:

  • File reporting (File manager > Asset report)
  • Advertiser report (Settings > Advertiser)
  • Page usage statistics (Home > Contents > Page usage)
  • Custom reporting (Home > Contents > Custom report)
  • Device metrics (Home > Analytics)

If these reports contain crucial information, they should be manually backed up prior to server update

Starting with version 1.11.41 we removed charge logic from advertisers

Starting with version 1.11 we no longer support TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1protocols

Version 1.11.92

January 31, 2023

Content editor/displayer

New feature
  • Added new slide box to 'Stopper widget' for displaying leading zeros to single digit values
    Only displaying this slide box if the 'Type' is either 'count up from date' or 'count down to date' and the digital format value is one from the Individual group


New Features
  • Improved pivot tables with graph presets where data is already formatted to suit the display method of graph
  • Reworked content import modal:
    Avoid duplicate files is now a slider
    Users can now select the option to where to create a new folder during importing a content
    This fixed an issue where Content can not be imported if 'Allow users in teams ... into root folder' is disabled
  • Adding new screens with 'Advanced options' enabled only send the filled out fields instead of all the available fields
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where Campaigns didn't send data to Advertiser's Proof of Play
  • Fixed an issue where old contents with Contents widget did not play because of missing 'Campaign mode' attribute
  • Fixed an issue where 'Campaign playlist snapshot' could not be downloaded

Version 1.11.88

January 27, 2023

Content editor/displayer

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where clearing Table widget data binding with the Clear button didn't trigger the editor unsaved state
  • Fixed an issue where svg image files didn't stretch in Image and Gallery widgets


New Features

Fully reworked statistics, Advertiser menus, csv download and pivot tables

  • Statistic report is rebranded and rolled into 'Proof of Play' including:
    File manager > 'Show/ Download Display statistics' is now merged into a single modal
    Contents and Loops have a joint 'Proof of Play' statistic replacing 'Content > Page usage statistic'
    Screens now have their own 'Proof of Play'
    Advertiser > Proof of Play
  • The following statistics stayed separate from 'Proof of Play':
    Screen > Screen analytics
    Srceen > Audience statistics
    Content > Custom asset reporting
  • Different statistics functions are now merged into one 'Statistics' menu in the Screens, Loops and Contents context menu
  • 'Proof of Play' modal's 'Show' function now leads to pivot table:
    Pivot tables now have a duration, same as selected in the modal
    Removed unnecessary 'Attributes' from pivot table
    Removed unnecessary 'Aggregator values' from pivot table
    Removed unnecessary 'Display methods' from pivot table
  • Rebranded 'Free' license to 'Demo'
  • Administrator 'Create user' has been improved:
    Removed the SA checkbox input
    Admin role can be selected from the Role dropdown menu
    If customer is not selected and the role is not Admin the user cannot be saved and a toast will be shown
    If the Admin role is selected the Client dropdown menu will be hidden
  • Devices now store their own screen tags which can be queried from Content
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where the delete file modal inside the file manager didn't display how many contents the file is used in

Version 1.11.74

January 18, 2023

Content editor/displayer

  • Stopper widget's "count down to date" can now count down to an event (e.g. 2022.10.15. 10:00)


  • Changed Owner user's root Screen group actions so when "Select teams to view resources as" has specific teams selected only those screens are affected by the changes
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where Campaigns didn't update on device when inner Content changed
  • Fixed an issue where the team selection modal appeared for file uploads when the user only had one team
  • Fixed an issue where the team selection modal didn't work for file uploads, content/schedule/loop duplication, and content import

Version 1.11.67

January17, 2023

Content editor/displayer

New Features
  • Webp images are now supported in editor
  • Reworked Stopper widget:
    On widget's settings "direction" has been renamed to "type"
    Added 2 new types counting : count up from date and count down to date
    Reordered widget options and added new switch box as Advanced. This section contains the less frequently used settings of the widget. If "count up from date" or "count down to date" is selected, the other options that are not required will not show
    Added 00:00 as default start for "count up" types and as default stop for "count down" types
    Added hh format to widget
    Added new "Individual values" section to Digital formats to slice up date/times into sections
    For example: 01:12:56 (dd:hh:mm) in Individual mm format means 56 will be displayed
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where Actions' static value on Stopper widget only contained 3 fields instead of 4


New Features
  • Campaigns now have manual mode where you can interact and switch between the Campaign items with events and actions
  • Campaigns can now play media files (images and videos), and folders directly
    Default duration can be set for media files that don't have applicable duration of their own (images)
    Ordering can be set for folders (Random, and A to Z) and Campaign will play the folder items in set order
  • Summary pages in Settings and Admin are now optimized for swift response. Elements that take longer to calculate (e.g. Customer storage usage) have busy indicator on them while loading
  • Continued reworking file reporting, content page usage reporting, advertiser reporting on backend side
  • External datasources can now follow redirections when caching external resources (e.g. images)
  • Content deletion checks are now stricter. Content can not be deleted in the following cases:
    Assigned to device
    Set as emergency on a Customer
    Set in an Install rule
    Set in a Webhook
    Set in a Content type Message
    Set in a Schedule either as Default content, or just inside a Schedule
    Set in a Campaign
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where editing an existing Sharepoint list had an extra URL field

Version 1.11.41

December 14, 2022

Content editor/displayer

  • Reworked content and loop asset and advertiser reporting
  • Removed charge logic from advertisers
  • Added Toggle all button to Manage teams > Select teams to view resources as they see them sidebar
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where endless scroll widget could not play text type messages
  • Fixed an issue where Loop didn't report statistics, when Loop was embedded into another loop/loop layout/content
  • Fixed an issue where loop didn't report statistics, when Loop had only one slide
  • Fixed an issue where asset names didn't show up in statistics report

Version 1.11.32

December 06, 2022

Content editor/displayer

New Features
  • Added US state code support for weather widget
  • Added Campaign function
    Campaigns can be used to organise content playback placement and timing inside Contents widget's new Campaign mode.
    Campaign mode doesn’t have master/overlay page and cannot use page navigation or interactions with embedded contents.
  • Removing Master and Overlay pages from the content now removes their preview


New Features
  • Added authenticated GoogleSheet integration
    Users can now create GoogleSheet datasources with their Google credentials
  • Added follow redirects option for external datasources for ICAL, JSON, RSS, and XML types
  • Added a Clone screen option that helps users add new screens to the system with the settings of an existing screen
  • Added a new Working hours UI to the screen context menu
  • Redesigned the login page to a more modern look
  • Added new options to the Assign screen modal
  • Added authenticated Microsoft Sharepoint list integration
    Users can now create Sharepoint list datasources with their Microsoft credentials
  • Added System datasources as a new datasource type
    Users can now pull system data into a datasource and display it in contents
  • Removed the support of TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1
  • Minor security updates
  • The alerting system can now monitor and send notifications about a screen is offline in a sub-group
  • Reworked device metrics database backend
  • The 'Display screen name' modal now tracks if the screen name is hidden or not, and only shows the corresponding button and description instead of both
  • Updated application webserver
  • Edge servers taken over the place of DMS servers
    Edge servers will work as a proxy between screens and the server
  • Screen info modal now contains a Settings section with additional information about the screen (Time zone, Working hours, Orientation, and more)
  • Removed the Uninstall app option from Remove screen modal
  • Replaced the old unassigned HTML that appeared after screen installation with a new one
    Also added a new HTML that appears when a screen is assigned to a Client but does not have a content assigned to it
  • Removed the Flow menu from Administrator tab
  • Extended the Team permission system with Read only, and Read/Write permissions
  • Webhooks are now unique by event ID
  • Screen settings are now stored in the database instead of directly sending to the screen.
    This way if a screen does not get a settings because it went offline at that moment, the server will apply it the next time the screen is online
  • Reworked the email layout of the 'Administrator user modified' notification
  • Time zone list for screens is now common for every screen type

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