With Wallboard Windows application version 3.1.329, our application can turn on Kiosk mode.

The feature replaces the explorer with the Wallboard signage application as the default shell, and filters specific keyboard shortcuts.

The application runs under a different Windows user, created automatically by the function. If you wish to use the Windows in normal mode you have to switch to the default User by pressing the Windows button on the keyboard 5 times. The next time the device starts it will log in to the Wallboard user again and start the Wallboard application automatically.

  • Windows 10 Enterprise OS installed with English language!
  • Wallboard application version 3.1.329 or higher
How to set up Kiosk mode
  1. Install Wallboard application on a device
    We recommend to turn on the Lock device feature in the installer
  2. Register it on our Website under your user
  3. Send down the following user command to the device
    How to use user commands:

Now the device will restart and the application will start in Kiosk mode


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