Version 3.0.145

New feature
  • Ability to reset sensors remotely
  • Generic cache improvements
  • Handle unavailable network drives during storage info gathering

Version 3.0.131

New feature
  • Added predefined EU and US server options to the installer.
  • Extended the thread execution policy.
  • Fixed a bug regarding loading custom websites.

Version 3.0.114

New feature
  • Sending server connectivity sensor events to the content.
  • Added sensor metrics to the device analytics.
  • Disabled mouse middle click navigation within the displayed content.
  • Disabled move forward/backward navigation within the displayed content.
  • Removed time synchronization option from the installer - it's always on now.
  • Removed serial driver installation from the client application.
  • Fixed window resolution report in the device information.
  • Fixed cache validity calculation based on the max-age value.

Version 3.0.91

New feature
  • Added Phidget RFID reader support.
  • Added USB Barcode reader support.
  • Added detect keyboard and mouse events in embedded custom websites.
  • Improved communication with sensors.
  • Removed sensor driver installation from the application installer.
  • Removed Time sync checkbox from the application installer.
  • Updated device analytics library.
  • Potential security and bugfixes.

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