With Wallboard server version 1.11, working hours of devices can be set from the UI.

Important information and limitations about working hours on different device types

  • Only works on rooted devices
  • For other devices than our fully supported devices (Giada, Qbic), the feature might not work properly, so we recommend trying it out first before applying it to multiple screens
  • Qbic devices use the built-in working hours. It cannot accept different hours for different days
  • Works only on Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise
  • Different BIOS settings and functions might prohibit the function
  • The Wake up timer must be enabled in the Control panel
  • If the device is not in KIOSK mode, without autologon, the device will not be able to log in to the Windows user, so it has to be set up before turning on the feature
  • Does not work on devices that are using the Tablet mode function of Windows
  • If the screen is CEC capable, the device will turn it on/off
  • If the screen is not CEC capable, then the device will only show a black screen
LG, Samsung:
  • Uses the working hours function built-in the TV

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