10 Digital Signage Design Ideas that Will Blow Your Mind

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As digital signage becomes more and more commonplace, more businesses are looking to create eye-catching and effective displays. 

By using dynamic coupled with innovative designs, you can capture the minds of your audience and give them an experience they'll never forget.

Check out these 10 stunning examples from businesses and organizations around the world. From elegant and sophisticated displays to eye-catching animations, these examples will show you just what's possible with digital signage. 

We're ready to spark your creativity and get you inspired to start planning your own stunning display today!

TLDR Key Takeaways





TLDR Key Takeaways





1. Transform Your Space

From the polished concrete floors to the clean, metallic lines that create defined spaces, everything in an airport is designed to keep people moving from one place to another. 

While these buildings are merely transitory spaces for travelers, the use of digital signage has the ability to transform these modern, rigid spaces into something more for its many visitors.

There have been numerous examples of digital signage in airports around the world, but the Helsinki airport really explored the possibilities of digital signage.

From the organic curves to the changing scenery, this display casts a spell on its visitors and creates a welcoming resting place for weary travelers. Using LED displays and oddly shaped furniture, they were able to create an entirely different environment from what you would expect at an airport.

2. Bring Art to Life

Digital Signage is such a versatile technology that can be used in so many places, from just about any type of venue you could think up—It's not limited to walls and lobbies.

That's exactly what teamLabs Borderless has done with their digital art exhibitions. These digital signage masterminds have pushed to boundaries of what signage could do until it was, well, borderless. 

In this vast, ever-changing landscape, you are free to explore and discover the fantastical creations of artists from around the world. This exhibition is a completely immersive experience that encourages guests to view and interact with their surroundings.  

3. Breathe Life Into Your Digital Signs 

These days, companies want their signs to be more than just functional. Digital signage has revitalized those old, static billboards and created works of art that grip the public's attention. 

These captivating pieces of art build brand awareness and help advertisers create content that is tailored specifically toward the consumers. 

Coca-Cola's massive 3D billboard located in the heart of New York City does just this. Using over 1,700 LED screens, they built synchronized and completely choreographed content that presents viewers with ever-changing, dynamic 3D displays.

4. Give Your Business an Instant Update 

Like the Borderless art exhibit, Terrell Place in Washington, D.C. decided to harness digital signage technology in a completely unique way. 

Instead of using digital signs to enhance their lobby, they took it a step further and decided to implement them throughout various parts of the building. The main lobby and surrounding hallways share these artistic visual displays.

These vast video walls consist of millions of motion-activated LEDs that change as visitors move through the facility. With the click of a button, the visuals shift through modern designs and breathtaking scenery.

We can't think of a better way to quickly change the atmosphere of your business. 

5. Enhance Walkways 

Digital signage technology is spreading like wildfire, and we can expect it to show up in places that would never imagine—like digital canopies. 

The Viva Vision canopy, located in Las Vegas, is the largest and most high-tech screen in the world. This jaw-dropping display spans five blocks and entertains crowds with advertisements, concerts, and more. 

It features over 50 million LEDs and a sound system equal to that of the best concert hall, giving passersby a truly immersive experience. 

6. Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

These days, you can't really go anywhere without being aware of the power and influence that video content has—everyone's constantly consuming it on their devices. 

But how do you get people to look away from their phones? With exhilarating larger-than-life displays, like The Fashion Gallery video wall, located in the Vienna Airport.

Video walls are the perfect way to convey engaging and exciting content to your audiences. The marketing team at The Fashion Gallery has really embraced this new technology to grab the attention of a transitory audience.

This impressive wall mirrors real-time activity within the store and combines it with a series of dynamic content that creates a truly memorable experience.

7. Enhance Your Customer's Shopping Experience

Shopping is about to get a whole lot more interesting. Innovative smart fitting room technology allows you to try on any outfit before buying, giving people an opportunity for self-discovery that they never had before!

GUESS has equipped several of its stores with smart mirror technology combined with real-time cameras to allow customers to try on any item of clothing without actually having to physically try it on. 

They aren't the only retailer taking advantage of this technology. UnderArmor, Nike, Adidas, and more are bringing this new technology into their stores to enhance the customer experience.

8.  Seamlessly Educate and Entertain 

Digital signage technology has revolutionized the way we educate and entertain audiences. It's never been easier to transform static informational displays into a captivating experience that's guaranteed to be memorable.

The innovative Gallery One at the Cleveland Museum of Art blurred boundaries between art, technology, and interpretation to inspire visitors. They used a series of self-service kiosks that allowed patrons to view additional information about the exhibits. 

It showed the artwork in its natural habitat, capturing the imagination and increasing the audience's understanding of the culture.  Additionally, they used interactive cameras to turn guests into works of art themselves. Pretty cool!

9. Create Showstopping Pieces

Digital signage is one of the most versatile and powerful tools at your disposal. It can be used to create truly showstopping pieces that will grab attention and get people talking.

The Center Bar, located in Las Vegas, took the phrase, "Go big or go home," to heart when they designed their four-sided 3D display. 

This massive installation hangs above the bar and features over 2 million LEDs that generate a human-like face that appears out of a fluid substance. While this display is purely ornamental, it helps reinforce the brand with its distinctive centerpiece. 

10. Build Ads That Interact With Their Surroundings 

Digital signage is an innovative way to communicate your message and stay ahead of the competition. Utilize creative, unexpected designs that will wow audiences with your creativity.

Apolosophy, a hair care retailer, decided to surprise passersby with an expertly crafted advertisement that was designed to interact with its environment. 

As the subway train came rushing by, ultrasonic sensors in the digital kiosk were triggered. The poster's model appeared to spring into life when the gush of wind from the train blew the woman's hair wildly about.

As a result of this small but clever advertisement, commuters were really captivated and left with a lasting impression.

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