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How Digital Signage in the Workplace Makes Employees Feel Valued, Respected, and Needed

September 16, 2022
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Creating a happy and productive workforce is all about building gratifying relationships. It's no longer enough to maintain a strictly professional setting—employees want more because they feel their personal value has been lost.

Today's employees ask themselves questions like, "What makes me happy and whole?" or, "Where have I given away too much of my time, energy, and resources without getting anything back in return?"

This has made the balance between work and personal life more critical. Now, we're not suggesting that you blur the lines between professional and personal relationships---far from it. 

But, you can improve the mood and productivity of your employees through effective communication with a little help from our favorite tool: digital signage!

While digital signs are popular among modern businesses, few of them use this technology to its full potential. We'll discuss how you can use these innovative tools to improve communication and foster a positive workplace culture.

TLDR Key Takeaways


Digital signs allow you to disseminate important information in a timely manner, and employees (even deskless) can keep up with company news, special announcements, or changes without interrupting their tasks.


Any workspace can be effectively united with strategically placed digital signage.


Positively acknowledging your employees is the best way to show that you care about their well-being.


Balance Your Workplace Communication

With the abundance of information that we need to convey to one another, it's easy for communication errors to occur between employees and managers or coworkers. These miscommunications can have an adverse effect on productivity and morale.

Think about how many times you have come across a social media post that mocks meetings that could have simply been an email. Or coworkers overstepping boundaries? Even urgent emails that aren't that pressing are a soft spot for many.

While these posts might come off as pure satire, in reality, these frustrations run deeper than you think. If your employees' day is constantly interrupted, it sends the message that their time is not valued or respected. 

The most effective way to combat these little disruptions is to use digital signs as a way to balance your communications. You can create a central hub where you can convey important messages, updates, and reminders. 

Digital signs allow you to still disseminate important information in a timely manner, and employees (even deskless employees) can keep up with company news, special announcements, details of upcoming events, or changes in procedure without interrupting or breaking tasks.

Your employees will appreciate that you do not constantly interrupt them with what can seem like an endless stream of information and that you reserve your most important information for special meetings—thus creating a win-win situation.

Ensure Everyone Stays Connected

In today's fast-paced world, building a positive workplace culture can be hard because you have employees in different locations, on rotating shifts, and even working remotely. 

While deskless employees have been a part of the business world for years, it's only recently that the trend of deskless employees is reaching new heights. These workers are at a higher risk of feeling isolated since they typically conduct their work outside of an office setting.

Digital signage offers a unique opportunity to unite workers and keep them connected regardless of location. 

Branch Offices

Managing multiple locations has become standard practice for industries, but these employees can feel undervalued since they aren't 'corporate.' Messages, policies, and events may take some time to reach these offices, causing feelings of neglect.

The comedy show "The Office" touched on this subject quite frequently. They also showcased an innovative way to use digital signage to connect their numerous branches for a company-wide celebration in the episode "Launch Party."

While that particular party wasn't a success, that doesn't mean the idea behind it was bad. Live-streaming events allow you to include your employees in the celebration by allowing them to participate and celebrate with you. 

Warehouses / Manufacturing 

Even though many businesses are quick to dismiss adding digital signs to warehouse or manufacturing locations, they can be a very powerful asset that makes those employees feel valued. 

Digital Signage helps improve communication and coordination within these locations by displaying real-time information on operations. It streamlines processes by reducing errors to make your employees' day-to-day jobs more efficient. 

Plus, it's a cost-effective and efficient way to provide employees with important safety information, updates, or training. Broadcast your content instantaneously to multiple locations with just one click and engage employees in ways traditional methods cannot. 

Remote Workers

Since the pandemic, many businesses have been forced to transition their workforce to remote locations. And while some businesses are pulling employees back to the office, many have adopted hybrid options. 

This has presented challenges, particularly when it comes to communication and collaboration and digital signage helps solve many of these problems. 

By investing in digital signage, businesses can provide their employees with a central place to find information and stay up-to-date on company news and announcements. This way, they never feel like they're out of the loop!

Additionally, digital signage is an excellent way for businesses of all sizes to increase collaboration and ensure that every voice matters. Every team member can participate, regardless of location, from virtual meetings to brainstorming sessions.

Build Healthier Relationships 

The modern workforce is looking for a more human-centric approach to employment, but many businesses still run with reward-driven perks. They think showering employees with gifts and prizes is the best way to build a positive culture. 

The truth is, these kinds of gestures might seem welcoming on the surface but do little else for your employees in terms of building their self-esteem or celebrating hard work with them. 

If you're looking for a long-term way to build healthy relationships with your employees, then you need to start looking at digital signage. 

Employers can recognize employees and make them feel appreciated by an awards wall or a screen dedicated to showing off your team's hard work. This small gesture has the ability to boost morale and motivation.

Digital signage can also be used to display personalized messages from managers or senior staff members, such as birthday messages, milestones, special accomplishments, and more. 

This helps to create a sense of connection between employees and the organization and can make employees feel valued and respected.

What's more, a strategically displayed digital sign in a break room or common area can encourage employees to talk to each other. While they chat over coffee or lunch, they'll get live updates about what's happening in the workplace.

Final Thoughts

When employers invest in digital signage, they help create a more human-centric work environment for employees. This increases the sense of value and respect within an organization while also making those who use it feel needed by their company or unit.

With the right tools and the right strategy, you can create a company culture where employees' satisfaction and happiness thrive. 

With Wallboard, you can easily start using digital signs to show your employees that you care about their well-being and satisfaction.

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