How Businesses Are Using Proximity Digital Signage to Boost Engagement

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TLDR Key Takeaways





TLDR Key Takeaways





Video displays used to stand out, but with every business in the world desperately vying for attention, digital signs need to evolve.

Proximity-aware digital signage allows you to connect with potential passersby by inviting them to engage with your brand. In 2022 - the idea of an ad recognizing you and serving personalized content may make some uneasy, but it will also get their attention.

Proximity digital signs don't have to be intrusive - they can blend in with their surroundings in a more subtle way. In fact, that's the beauty of these signs - ultimate flexibility.    

When visitors interact with signage screens, your brand has more opportunities to spread its message and connect with your audience. A proximity digital sign is not just a flashy video billboard; it is an intelligent tool that can help businesses achieve important organizational goals.

What Is Proximity Digital Signage?

Proximity-aware digital signage is a type of interactive display that detects environmental inputs. The signage then serves content dynamically, including things like custom-tailored ads and product recommendations.

In comparison to static media or even other types of digital signage, this tool lets you engage your audience on a much deeper level.

Engaging viewers with your brand physically creates an incredibly memorable experience that will enhance your brand's recognition.

Let’s review a few powerful examples of how brands have used proximity digital signage effectively.

3 Ways Businesses Can Leverage the Power of Proximity Digital Signage 

1. Dynamic Product Promotion Through Interactive Experiences

Burberry wanted to make a splash when promoting its partnership with the beauty brand Coty. They did so by utilizing an AR Mirror that people couldn't resist but to engage with.

The concept was simple: allow users to engage with their signature ribbon, building shapes and having a great time while doing so. This would then likely lead to them sharing their experience with others. 

When you allow users to customize their experience with your digital signage, they’re more likely to share on social media, immediately putting your brand in front of their audience. By encouraging your users to share their creations, your brand will gain more awareness and ultimately more sales.

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2. Try Before You Buy Retail Experience

For years, Lululemon has been using interactive mirrors to show clothing options to in-store customers. They felt so strongly about the model, they even purchased the smart workout mirror brand, Mirror.

Allowing users to see themselves in clothing options before purchasing is beneficial in a couple of ways. You’re showing off the latest fashion trends and keeping your customers engaged in your brand. If they see themselves wearing your clothes in a smart mirror, they’re more likely to buy.

Smart mirrors can also be used by clothing brands to collect information about their customers, such as which items are most popular.

3. Track and Promote Mask-Wearing in Real-Time

Mask-wearing is an essential part of most businesses in operation today. Even so, it can be tough to manage and promote mask-wearing. That's why proximity-enabled digital signs that we built were utilized in stores across the globe.

Through the use of AI facial recognition, digital signs were able to dynamically request in-store visitors to either put a mask on, fix an improperly worn mask, or enthusiastically thank customers for wearing a mask properly!

Businesses found that a digital sign requesting mask wearing was a much more enjoyable experience for customers rather than an employee tasked with being the mask police.

This proximity digital signage solution allowed customers to shop safely, without being badgered along the way, a win-win for everybody.

Supercharge Your Digital Signage with Wallboard

Even though we've touched on some great ways businesses use proximity digital signage, we haven't even scratched the surface of how this powerful tool can transform your business.

Wallboard has high-quality solutions for all your digital signage needs. We are committed to continuing to push the envelope of what's possible with digital signs. 

If you want to learn how proximity digital signage can supercharge your organization, get in touch with our team for a consultation today!

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