Partner Feature: Red Dot Digital Media Inc.

January 3, 2022
4 mins

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Wallboard CEO Rod Roberson recently sat down with Darryl Kuder, President at Red Dot Digital Media Inc. to discuss their company and how they utilize Wallboard as a digital signage solution for their customers.

Red Dot Digital Media is a full-service digital signage company that is partnered with Wallboard to provide end-users with a robust and easy-to-use digital signage CMS solution.

Darryl Kuder - Red Dot

Tell us about Red Dot Digital Media, Inc.:

Red Dot is a full-service digital signage company specializing in content creation and large-scale project management and deployment. Our team’s unparalleled knowledge of BrightSign’s products and integrated CMS’s coupled with superior A/V integration experience, allows us to provide the best global technical support available in the digital signage industry.

Red Dot has delivered thousands of projects from small businesses to Fortune 100 corporations throughout the world. Every opportunity is treated with seamless execution and cutting-edge design. Very few companies come close to the experience and acumen Red Dot brings to a digital signage project.

red dot - Think Video Wall

Is there a particular area of focus for you or expertise in the digital signage space?

Red Dot focuses on corporate communications, interactive directories and custom design projects requiring high-level HTML programming.

What geographies or verticals do you cover?

We are a global company with headquarters in the U.S. and a satellite office in Spain. Currently, we have service deployments across four continents. We can service any vertical requiring digital signage including multinational corporations, real estate, retail, higher education, sporting venues, and restaurants.

In your opinion, what are the most important attributes of a Digital Signage CMS?

There are a couple of critical features that we need in a CMS to support our clients.  First, it has to be easy for our end users to login and make changes as needed.  Second, because we provide remote support as a value add to our clients, we require the ability to monitor and repair the health of the system and the players.  Third, the majority of our clients need and prefer the capability to set specific user permissions for their employees.  And of course, the CMS has to be reliable and supported by a development team that is responsive to any issues and values the reseller relationship.

Warner Media Group Video Wall

What do you feel are the strongest attributes of the Wallboard platform?

Wallboard has some very unique design features similar to Photoshop or PowerPoint. These are very powerful tools from both a professional design and an end-user editing standpoint.

Is there a customer example that you could share where Wallboard solved a unique problem for you and/or delivered value to your team or the end-user?

Before using Wallboard, editing the menu boards that we designed was a very laborious process that cost additional time and money to our clients.  Now, all of our digital menu customers use Wallboard because of its easy-to-use editor for text.  We still design the menus, but now our clients can add and remove text boxes, or menu items, on the fly with no need for additional design hours or programming time.

What will your focus be heading into 2021 for new projects involving Wallboard?

Red Dot is expanding its corporate communication vertical by building a host of pre-designed corporate templates that can be easily modified and customized by end-users as they see fit using the great built-in design tools.

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