Revolutionary Integration: Wallboard Meets Philips Tableaux ePaper Displays

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We're thrilled to bring you groundbreaking news from theforefront of digital display technology. Our alliance with Philips has led to atrailblazing development—the fusion of Wallboard’s Content Management System(CMS) with the Philips Tableaux ePaper displays. This synergy is more than justan advancement; it's a leap towards redefining digital signage experiences.

TLDR Key Takeaways





TLDR Key Takeaways





Unveiling the Philips Tableaux ePaper Display


Imagine a display that uses no power to maintain a statici mage and requires minimal energy for updates—welcome to the world of Philips Tableaux ePaper displays. These e-paper displays are not just eco-friendly; they are a vibrant canvas showcasing up to 60,000 colors. It's an ideal solution for a range of sectors, including retail, hospitality, and public transport, offering unparalleled flexibility even in locations with scarce power resources. With its sunlight-readable, anti-glare screens powered by an AndroidSystem on Chip (SoC), Philips Tableaux exemplifies efficiency and sustainability, reducing energy use and operational costs.


Seamless Integration: Wallboard and Philips Tableaux


Dynamic Live Data Feeds:

The integration of Wallboard with Philips Tableaux is a game-changer. Live data, such as analytics from PowerBI, is now seamlessly displayed on Tableaux screens. The system smartly syncs and updates, pushing real-time content without a hitch.


On-Device Information Display:

Key device information, including battery levels and Wi-Fi status, can be displayed within the Wallboard app. Your Tableaux devices' health and connectivity status are always accessible, ensuring continuous operation.


Instant Preview:

Before your content goes live, you can preview it directly on the device. This feature guarantees that the final display matches your expectations precisely.


Analytics at Your Fingertips:

Wallboard's analytics provide in-depth insights into how your content performs, combining image display times and viewer interactions to refine your content strategy.


Effortless Software Updates:

With automatic software updates, the Wallboard application stays ahead of the curve, ensuring your displays benefit from the latest features and security enhancements without manual intervention.


Spotlight on Retail Banking


In the dynamic world of retail banking, where interest rates are constantly changing, this integration shines brightly. Rate updates are automatically reflected across all Tableaux displays in every branch, streamlining operations and maintaining consistency for customers.


Beyond the Basics: Distinguishing Features


This integration isn't just about the visuals; it's about intelligent content management.


Wake Times Adjustment: Display content only when necessary,conserving energy and extending screen longevity.

Scheduled Content Changes: Keep content fresh and relevant with timed updates throughout the day.

Real-Time Data Publishing: Connect screens to live data feeds, like fluctuating mortgage rates, ensuring real-time relevance for retail banks.


This integration between Wallboard and Philips is not merely a collaboration; it's a testament to our unwavering dedication to innovation.As we move forward, we're excited to see how this powerful, intelligent, and sustainable solution will transform the digital signage landscape.

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