Digital Signage for Banks & Credit Unions

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Empower your credit union with dynamic digital signage that streamlines communication, promotes services, and offers a modern banking experience to your members.

Why digital signage for banks & credit unions?

Digital signage for credit unions offers an innovative communication channel, enabling them to provide real-time updates, promote services, and engage members in a dynamic and interactive way.

Streamline Communication: Digital signage allows credit unions to communicate quickly and efficiently with their members. Display relevant information, such as interest rates, new products or services, and branch hours, in an easy-to-digest format.

Promote Products and Services: Use your digital signage to highlight the benefits of your credit union's products and services. Whether it's a new loan product or a financial education seminar, digital signage catches the eye and draws attention to what you offer.

Increase Member Engagement: Interactive digital signage offers a unique way to engage with your members. From touchscreens that provide personalized financial advice to displays that share member testimonials, digital signage keeps your members engaged and informed.

Improve Branch Efficiency: Digital signage can reduce perceived wait times by providing engaging content for members to consume while they wait. Plus, with the ability to update content in real time, you can keep your members informed about any changes or updates.

Boost Brand Loyalty: Consistent, engaging communication via digital signage reinforces your credit union's brand and values. This constant exposure can strengthen member loyalty and encourage repeat business.

Why Wallboard for banks & credit unions
digital signage?

Wallboard offers an intuitive and comprehensive digital signage solution, enabling credit unions to engage members, streamline communications, and elevate their brand with dynamic and interactive content.

Customizable Content: Wallboard allows for easy creation and customization of digital signage content, which is essential in bank & credit union environments where information is updated and changed frequently.

Easy Integration: Seamless integration with other systems, ensures that your digital signage is always displaying the most current and relevant information, such as interest rates, member benefits, and financial advisories.

Emergency Messaging: CAP protocol integration ensures that emergencies will be broadcast automatically on your digital signage

Data-Driven Content: No coding required easy data integration allow you to display relevant information to your members such as interest rates, news feeds and much more.

Security and Compliance: Wallboard offers an on-premise server option, allowing credit unions to have direct control over the physical security of their member's data and ensuring compliance with financial regulations.

Frequently asked questions

What is digital signage for banks & credit unions and how can it benefit them?

Digital signage for banks and credit unions is an innovative communication tool that leverages electronic displays to present a wide array of information, promotional content, and interactive services to customers and members in real-time. These digital displays can be strategically placed in various locations within a bank or credit union, such as lobbies, teller lines, and outdoor spaces, to maximize visibility and engagement. The content showcased on digital signage can range from financial information, such as current interest rates and stock prices, to marketing promotions, educational content about financial products and services, and personalized welcome messages.

The benefits of digital signage for banks and credit unions are manifold. Firstly, it enhances customer experience by providing valuable and timely information, reducing perceived wait times, and engaging customers with dynamic and interactive content. This modern approach to communication can help in cross-selling services and promoting new products in an eye-catching manner, leading to increased sales and product adoption.

Furthermore, digital signage can streamline internal communications, displaying operational updates and motivational messages to staff. It also offers flexibility and ease of updating content, allowing banks and credit unions to quickly adjust their messaging to reflect current promotions, regulatory changes, or market conditions. By adopting digital signage, financial institutions can not only improve operational efficiency but also strengthen their brand image and customer loyalty through innovative and engaging customer interactions.

What are the key features to consider when choosing a digital signage solution for a bank or credit union?

When selecting a digital signage solution for a bank or credit union, several key features should be carefully considered to ensure the system meets the institution's specific communication and marketing needs. First and foremost, content management capabilities are crucial; the system should offer a user-friendly interface that allows for easy scheduling, updating, and management of content across various screens and locations. This includes the flexibility to display a range of content types, such as live data feeds, promotional materials, and informational messages.

Security is another critical factor, given the sensitivity of the financial information that may be displayed or transmitted through the system. The chosen solution must adhere to strict data protection standards and incorporate robust encryption and access controls to safeguard against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Integration capabilities are also important, as the system should seamlessly integrate with the bank's existing software systems, such as customer relationship management (CRM) and queue management systems, to provide personalized and efficient customer service. Furthermore, scalability should be considered to ensure the digital signage solution can grow and adapt to the bank's changing needs over time, supporting an increasing number of screens or locations without compromising performance.

Lastly, technical support and reliability are essential, with the need for responsive support and a proven track record of minimal downtime to maintain continuous operation and customer engagement. By carefully evaluating these features, banks and credit unions can select a digital signage solution that enhances communication, promotes their services, and improves the overall customer experience.

From content creation to scheduling and network management, Wallboard makes digital signage easier, faster, and more efficient. With our intuitive design and built-in interactivity, you can enhance the user experience and effectiveness of your content, taking the complexity out of creating interactive content for touchscreens and kiosks. Wallboard offers a comprehensive solution that is versatile, user-friendly, and flexible, making it the perfect tool for any credit union looking to maximize visibility and engagement with digital displays.

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