Digital Signage for Menu boards

Transform your boring static menu boards with Wallboard

Creating engaging, interactive menu boards doesn't need to be complicated. Modernize, simplify, and captivate your audience while improving customer experience and streamlining operations.

Why digital signage for menu boards?

Elevate your customer experience instantly with digital signage and give your restaurant the modern touch it deserves!

Promote and upsell key products

Make changes across all of your menu boards instantly and easily

Automate scheduling and item promotion based on day parts and realtime inventory levels

Save on printing and design costs

Why is Wallboard ideal for menu boards?

Our easy to use, cloud-based system with built-in content editor is perfect for all of your menu board needs.

Content creation as easy as Canva or Powerpoint, or use a
pre-made template

Capture customers attention by using backgrounds, videos, layers, and animations for a more dynamic look

Save time by using drag & drop scheduling to customize menus for different day parts

Automatically remove sold out items and promote what is left to
sell with content triggers

Franchisee/Organization admin is made easy with our
Advanced workflows and user permissions

Drive advertising revenue and generate proof of play reports
with our built in Campaign Engine

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