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Engage, educate, and excite with dynamic digital signage for museums

Create captivating and educational experiences in your museum with our digital signage solution that's easy to manage, update and customize.

Why Digital Signage for museums?

Digital signage in museums enriches the visitor experience, provides interactive learning opportunities, and modernizes
exhibit displays for a more immersive exploration.

Engaging Exhibits: Digital signage brings museum exhibits to life, providing an immersive, interactive experience that captivates visitors. With dynamic content, you can tell stories, present information, and showcase artifacts in a way that resonates with modern audiences.

Easy Updates: With digital signage, you can update your content effortlessly, keeping your exhibits fresh and relevant. This is especially useful for temporary exhibits or events, where information may need to be changed frequently.

Visitor Navigation: Help your visitors navigate your museum with ease. Digital signage can provide clear, easy-to-follow directions, reducing confusion and improving the visitor experience.

Educational Opportunities: Digital signage offers a unique opportunity to educate visitors. Interactive displays can provide additional information about exhibits, answer common questions, and even offer quizzes or games to make learning fun.

Revenue Generation: Digital signage can also be used to promote the museum shop, cafe, or upcoming events, driving additional revenue for the museum. Plus, with the ability to display targeted advertising, you can generate even more income.

Accessibility: Digital signage can make your museum more accessible. With the ability to display content in multiple languages, provide closed captioning, or offer other accessibility features, you can ensure that all visitors can enjoy your exhibits.

Why Wallboard for museums?

Wallboard provides an intuitive and flexible platform for museums to create engaging, interactive, and dynamic digital signage content that enhances visitor experiences and streamlines information dissemination,
all without the need for extensive technical expertise.

Empower your creativity with ease: Our CMS is equipped with a sophisticated composer tool that allows for easy creation of digital signage templates or apps. This feature eliminates the need for developer expertise, making it accessible to users of varying technical skills.

Seamless Integrations: We offer seamless integration with external 3rd party content data sources via APIs, sensor data, and real-time data. This allows for the creation of dynamic, relevant, and up-to-date digital signage content that engages museum visitors.

Interactive Features: Wallboard supports interactive features like touch screens and QR codes, enhancing engagement with museum visitors.

Extensive Template Library: Our platform provides access to an extensive collection of content templates, allowing for the creation of professional-looking digital signage without the need for a designer.

Dynamic, Data-Driven Displays made simple: Wallboard allows museums to showcase a variety of content formats such as images, videos, interactive displays, and real-time information. This flexibility helps create engaging and immersive experiences for visitors, making exhibits more informative and enjoyable.

Centralized Management: Wallboard's CMS allows for centralized control of all digital signage across the museum which simplifies content scheduling, monitoring, and management, reducing the workload on staff and ensuring consistency in messaging and branding.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of using digital signage in museums?

Digital signage in museums provides numerous advantages, enhancing visitor engagement and operational efficiency. These systems allow for interactive learning through multimedia displays, facilitate easy content updates, and assist in wayfinding with interactive maps. They support multiple languages, increasing accessibility alongside features for visitors with disabilities. Cost-effective over time, digital signage reduces the need for printed materials, thus supporting environmental goals. Additionally, they offer effective promotion for events and exhibits and can even gather analytics to inform future planning. This modern technology not only aligns museums with contemporary aesthetics but also appeals to a technologically inclined audience, enriching the overall visitor experience.

How does using digital signage enhance the visitor experience in museums?

Digital signage enhances the visitor experience at museums by providing dynamic, interactive displays that engage audiences in unique ways. These digital solutions can showcase rich multimedia content such as videos, animations, and digital art, offering in-depth insights into exhibits. They also enable real-time updates, allowing museums to keep visitors informed about events, tours, and exhibit changes seamlessly. Additionally, interactive kiosks can offer personalized tour information and multilingual support, making the museum experience more accessible and tailored to individual preferences. Overall, digital signage transforms traditional museum visits into immersive, educational, and highly engaging experiences.

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