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Elevate your Game Day Experience with Dynamic Digital Signage

Elevate your stadium experience with dynamic digital signage that engages fans, promotes events, and delivers unforgettable moments for your community.

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Why digital signage for stadiums and arenas?

Digital signage in stadiums and arenas provides real-time updates, enhances fan engagement, and offers versatile advertising opportunities for increased revenue.

Engage Fans: Digital signage brings the action closer to fans, offering real-time updates, player stats, and instant replays. This immersive experience keeps fans engaged and enhances the overall atmosphere of the stadium.

Drive Concessions Revenue: Highlight special offers, promote new items, or direct fans to shorter lines with dynamic digital signage. This not only improves the fan experience but also increases concession sales.

Streamline Operations: With the ability to update content on the fly, digital signage makes it easy to manage event schedules, display safety information, or redirect foot traffic during busy times.

Promote Sponsors: Digital signage offers a prominent and flexible platform for showcasing sponsors. The ability to change content allows for multiple sponsors to be highlighted throughout an event, maximizing visibility and value.

Crowd Management: Digital signage can be strategically placed throughout the venue to help manage crowds, direct traffic flow, and prevent bottlenecks during peak times such as halftime or post-game.

Why Wallboard for Stadiums & Arenas?

Wallboard provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use digital signage CMS, offering stadiums and arenas the ability to create dynamic, engaging content that enhances the fan experience, boosts engagement, and maximizes visibility across multiple displays.

Free Form Content Editor: Our platform comes with a built-in content editor that offers hundreds of content editing features for custom formatting and animations, similar to Canva and Photoshop.

Live Data Connections: Users have the ability to add live data connections to their content, making it dynamic from simple Google sheets to complex databases. Perfect for menuboards!

Interactive Content Creation: Users have the capability to build their own interactive content without the need for costly and time-intensive HTML web development.

Advertising Campaigns: No need for add-ons here! Our Campaign module comes built into the Wallboard platform and manages dynamic Enterprise content and OOH Ad Networks at the same time within the same network!

IoT Sensor Integration: Extend your digital signage networks with IoT external sensors, including face-recognition cameras to trigger content or other sensors. This allows for greater customization and personalization of your digital signage content, making it more relevant and engaging for your audience.

Custom Projects: If you can dream it, we can build it! The two-sdied LED Halo Ring was custom built for the Houston Astros Fan Store in collaboration with our amazing partners adding to an incredible fan experience.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of using digital signage in stadiums and arenas?

Digital signage in stadiums and arenas offers numerous benefits, including enhanced fan engagement through interactive features like real-time updates and social media integration. Moreover, these displays serve as valuable advertising platforms, attracting sponsors and generating additional revenue streams. They also facilitate efficient information dissemination, providing event schedules, seating maps, and emergency procedures to improve the overall fan experience. Additionally, digital signage promotes branding and sponsorship, displaying logos and promotional content throughout the venue. Its flexibility allows for dynamic content updates, such as live feeds and instant replays, enhancing entertainment value during events. Furthermore, strategically placed signage aids crowd management and traffic flow, contributing to smoother operations. Beyond sports events, digital signage supports revenue generation from other hosted activities like concerts and conferences. Finally, its adoption aligns with environmental sustainability goals by reducing paper consumption and waste.

What are the key features to look for in digital signage software for stadiums and arenas?

For stadiums and arenas, digital signage is more than just a tool for advertising. It's a way to engage fans, enhance the game day experience, and even streamline operations. With a robust digital signage CMS, you can easily create dynamic content that keeps fans informed and entertained, from live game stats to player profiles. Plus, with features like a built-in content editor, scheduling capabilities, and data integration tools, you can manage your digital signage content with ease. Whether you're looking to display dynamic content on the jumbotron or provide real-time updates on smaller screens throughout the stadium, a comprehensive digital signage solution gives you the flexibility and control you need. Plus, with compatibility across various operating systems and media players, and a vast template library, you can create professional-looking digital signage that wows fans, no design skills required.

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