Digital Signage for Universities & Colleges

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Transform your educational institution and revolutionize the way your university or colleges communicates with Wallboard - the effortless and affordable digital signage solution.  

Why digital signage
for Universities & Colleges?

Digital signage is an efficient and eco-friendly communication tool for universities and colleges. It offers real-time updates, reducing paper waste and ensuring timely dissemination of information about events, schedules, and emergencies. This modern approach appeals to both current and prospective students, creating a tech-savvy campus atmosphere.

Increase event attendance and promote school spirit

Display emergency weather and safety announcements

Improve communication between faculty and students

Provide wayfinding and campus safety information

Centralize and simplify facility operations and scheduling

Why Wallboard for Universities & Colleges?

Our easy to use, cloud-based system with built-in content editor is perfect for all of your digital signage needs.

Content creation made easy with our built-in editor

Google Drive/Calendar and Social Media integration to make updates automatic

Advanced User Permissions make it easy to get everyone involved with content editing including students

Save time with our pre-built templates that are ready to be customized with your school’s branding

Create content with docs you are already using through Microsoft or Google and automatically sync with Wallboard

Instant emergency notifications with CAP protocol integration to third- party alert systems

Built-in, no-code interactivity makes Wayfinding and touch screen content easy

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