Break through digital signage barriers with PPDS & Wallboard

Philips is the stongest system-on-chip (SoC) display on Android and when paired with Wallboard, a comprehensive digital signage CMS with native Android support, users benefit from a powerfully seamless and secure experience.

Better together

Say goodbye to the complexities of external media player devices! Philips professional displays come equipped with all the necessary hardware for professional digital signage use.

Powered by Android - Built-in Android OS and native support delivers exceptional performance and unmatched flexibility, making it a secure choice for digital signage applications ensuring the best playback, clearest images and most secure content.

Best in class SoC Displays - Philips displays are known for their speed, versatility, and security. Wallboard has been optimized to run seamlessly on both the Philips Q-Line and D-Line displays.

Industry leading support - Both PPDS and Wallboard provide comprehensive customer support and services for their digital signage displays including technical support, warranty coverage, software updates, and access to online resources.

Easy Installation & Maintenance - Designed with user convenience in mind with no external components or exposed wiring, Philips displays are the perfect solution for a wide range of commercial applications.

Sold through Exertis Almo - PPDS and Wallboard are sold as a bundled solution through Exertis Almo making it easy for you to purchase.

Revolutionizing Digital Signage: Philips Tableaux integration with Wallboard for
Eco-Friendly, Dynamic Content

We're thrilled to bring you groundbreaking news from the forefront of digital display technology. Our alliance with Philips has led to a trailblazing development—the fusion of Wallboard’s CMS with Philips Tableaux ePaper displays. This synergy is more than just an advancement; it's a leap towards redefining digital signage experiences.
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