We Ko Pa Casino Resort



"Wallboard has revolutionized how we manage and display content at We Ko Pa Casino. It's not just a content management system; it's a vital tool that grows and adapts with us, enhancing our efficiency and the overall customer experience. Its ease of use, flexibility, and seamless integration make Wallboard an indispensable part of our operations."
Customer Story:
Amidst its commitment to luxury and hospitality, We-Ko-Pa Casino Resort faced challenges with its digital signage, a crucial component of modern guest communication and ambiance. The resort's previous content management systems (CMS) were not meeting their needs, leading to a search for a more effective solution. Enter Wallboard CMS, a dynamic and versatile digital signage solution. This case study explores how Wallboard CMS revolutionized We-Ko-Pa’s digital signage, enhancing both operational efficiency and guest experience in this unique desert haven.
  • Outdated Systems: Initially dealt with old and clunky content management systems that were inefficient and cumbersome to use.
  • Limited Functionality: Previous systems lacked the necessary features and flexibility, hindering efficient content management.
  • Complex Interfaces: Struggled with systems that were robust but overly complex and difficult to navigate.
  • Time Constraints: Faced challenges in managing time efficiently due to the demanding nature of content creation and system management.
  • Inflexible Display Options: Lack of support for various screen orientations and sizes limited the ability to display content effectively in different areas of the casino.
  • Manual Update Processes: The need for manual updates was time-consuming and inefficient, especially for dynamic content like menu items and prices.
  • Implement Wallboard CMS across entire facility
  • Integration with Google Docs and Sheets using Wallboard Integration Engine
  • Saves time and effort: Wallboard's easy-to-use interface streamlines content management, saving time and effort.
  • Less dependence on creative team: Integrations enable staff to update menu items and prices directly, without needing to involve the creative team.
  • Flexible Display Options: Accommodates various screen orientations and sizes, crucial for diverse display needs like vertical screens and video walls.
  • Adaptability and Growth: Continuously evolves to meet the changing needs of the casino, aligning with its growth and dynamic content requirements.
  • Improved internal communications: Facilitates the display of HR-related information and internal news feeds, enhancing employee communication.
Video Case Study: