Digital Signage Integration for Pharmacies

March 9, 2022
3 mins

In today’s modern world, digitalization is everywhere. Pharmacies and other health stores are no exception. A Hungarian pharmacy chain recently approached Wallboard with the need to install over 200 screens in its retail stores all across the country. Their vision was to fill these screens with images and videos engagingly promoting different pharmaceutical products.

The goal behind this project was to advertise products to customers, and also sell digital signage advertising space to their suppliers.

One of our Serbian partners also approached us with a similar idea, but with a slight twist. They wanted these screens to be a bit more integrated with what was happening in the store. The content would remain the same type of promotional content, but when a cashier scanned a product into the point of sale system, a notification would be sent to the screens.

The content would then change to display relevant product information. For example, when someone wanted to buy an antibiotic product, the screens by the cash register would also recommend a complementary probiotic product to the customer. It could also suggest other products previously assigned by the pharmacy.

This solution is a great way to advertise relevant products to one’s customers and generate more sales.

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