6 Best Digital Signage Players For Your Business in 2022

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TLDR Key Takeaways





TLDR Key Takeaways





71% of consumers say that digital signage stands out more than online ads. 

Having the best possible media player is crucial to getting the most out of your digital signage content. Nothing is more frustrating than putting together great content, loading it onto a player, and finding it isn't compatible with the player or the output quality is poor. 

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current digital signage player or are just getting started with your digital signage strategy, here’s a list of the five best digital signage players to buy in 2022:





BrightSign XT1144 Expanded I/O Player

$730 USD

Offers the highest quality video, including dual 4K video decoding and live content streaming. Swipe and gesture interactivity are built-in.

Users report that setup can be tricky, so best to have it professionally installed to get the most out of it this player.

Giada DN74

Pricing not listed

Great top-tier, entry-level digital signage player with high-quality video output and built-in features.

Must purchase through a hardware partner or talk to Giada’s sales team.

Geniatech APC395X3 Android 9.0 TV Box Mini PC

$89 - 105 USD

Works with widely-used formats and adapters for ease of installation and formatting.

Not a lot of reviews, and hard to find in stock.

Seneca XK-LTX Media Player

MSRP $530

There are many features built-in to a small 4K player that weighs less than a pound.

It isn't easy to find via retail, so the best bet is to go through a hardware partner or contact them directly.


Must go through a Qbic partner to purchase.

4K resolution, extremely powerful Quad-core processor, and complete system protection via Watchdog.

There is no built-in storage and hard to find in retail unless you contact a Qbic partner.

Google Chromecast with Google TV

$49.99 USD

Easy setup and budget-friendly.

Not enough processing power to run digital signage effectively.

1. BrightSign XT1144 Expanded I/O Player

If you’re looking for the premier player on the market, the BrightSign XT1144 Expanded I/O Player is it. You'll be able to get high-quality video out of the XT1144 thanks to its 4K and Full HD video engine, which supports Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG and dual decoding of two 4Kp60 videos at the same time.

Additionally, the XT1144 supports swipe and gesture interactivity, social media streaming, and immersive HTML5 for video walls. The setup can be difficult, so best to have it professionally installed to get the most out of this amazing player.

Top Features

  • Live TV Playback - In addition to the video specifications listed above, the XT1144 also supports Live TV playback via HDMI 2.0a so that you can broadcast any channel, even HDCP content.
  • Simultaneous Video - You can simultaneously play videos that offer different resolutions up to the player's maximum resolution, and you can create multimedia video walls using HTML5.
  • BrightBeacon - BrightSign’s digital signage players can wirelessly communicate with mobile devices using Bluetooth Low Energy beacons to target promotions based on location. They also allow you to control your digital signage from any mobile device.


BrightSign XT1144 Expanded I/O Player retails for $730 direct from BrightSign’s website.

2. Giada DN74

The DN74 Android signage player from Giada offers dual 4K and 2K HDMI outputs. This signage player is fanless, so it's cool and quiet while running quad and dual-core ARM processors.

It’s a great-entry level signage player for those wanting to get started with high-quality digital signage. If you’re interested in purchasing one, you’ll have to go through a Giada hardware partner.

Top Features

  • Dual HDMI Outputs - The DN74 supports two display options (2K resolution and 4K resolution.
  • Built-in 4GB LPDDR4 memory - This player comes with good built-in memory and offers eMMC storage if you need more.
  • WatchDog Timer - If your signage stops playing for some reason, the built-in WatchDog timer has 0-225 second time-out support.


Giada doesn’t list pricing on their website. You must go through one of their partners or submit an inquiry to their sales team.

3. Geniatech APC395X3 Android 9.0 TV Box Mini PC

The Genia APC395X3 is specifically designed for industrial and commercial environments. With multiple ports, including a built-in SD slot, two USB ports, and HDMI, it’s compatible with many different ways of connecting to displays and content.

The player has an IR receiver for remote control connectivity and Bluetooth capability. Reviews for the APC395X3 are difficult to find, and so is a store that carries them in stock.

Top Features

  • Dolby Surround Sound - If you’re looking for a player with solid sound capabilities, Dolby Surround Sound is built directly into the Genia APC395X3.
  • Universal Usage - With all the different connectivity options, the APC395X3 is a universal player, compatible with different video file formats and the most popular codec formats. It’s also equipped to run applications like YouTube, Facebook, and Kodi.
  • 4K2K Ultra HD Playback with Real-time Decoding - Your digital signage from the APC395X3 will be crisp and clear with 4K2K Ultra HD and 1080p resolution.


The APC395X can be found online for between $89 and $105 USD. On the official Geniatech store, they’re currently out of stock and retail for $105.

4. Seneca XK-LTX Media Player

Even though the Seneca XK-LTX is small, it packs a big punch in the digital signage player space. This little 4K player fits in the palm of your hand but has the built-in capability to run anything from basic digital signage to kiosks and IoT.

It has two USB ports, one 3.0 and one 2.0, GbE LAN, and Intel WiFi. These are difficult to find on the retail market, so you need to contact Seneca directly.

Top Features

  • Small Size - The compact size of the XK-LTX makes it great for small spaces and easy to hide behind screens for a clean setup. Specs say it weighs .57 pounds.
  • Micro SD card reader - Having a built-in Micro SD card reader makes it simple to add more storage as needed.
  • High Performance, Low Price - Seneca packed as much performance as possible into this little player. If you’re looking for an all-in-one player at a great price point, this is your go-to option.


MSRP for the XK-LTX is $530, and you have to go through a Seneca partner or contact them directly.

5. QBIC BXP-320

QBIC Technology is the ultimate Android digital signage hardware producer. Their BXP-320 is their supercharged signage player with a 4K HDMI Ultra HD, perfect for high-resolution, high-tier digital signage. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any built-in storage.

Finding one retail is difficult but possible, but your best bet is to contact a QBIC partner.

Top Features

  • 64bit Architecture - 64bit computing capabilities rival the power of a desktop architecture.
  • IEEE 802.11ac - Offers better wireless performance and higher data rates over longer distances.
  • Independent Watchdog - Outfitted with protection against software and hardware-related failures.


You have to go through a QBIC Technology hardware partner or buy it on the secondary market.

BONUS - Best for Budget-Conscious: Google Chromecast with Google TV

Chromecast with Google TV is an excellent option for people looking for a simple plug-and-play device.

It offers up to 4K HDR with 60 frames per second (FPS), Dolby Vision, and Bluetooth connectivity. However, Chromecast wasn’t built for digital signage, so its minimal processing power makes it difficult to run it effectively.

Top Features

  • Easy Setup - Chromecast with Google TV is a plug-and-play media player, making it super simple even for non-technical users.
  • Screen Mirroring - One advantage that the Chromecast has over other budget-friendly media players is the ability to screen mirror from a device. If you’re using a laptop to broadcast your digital signage, it takes what’s on the screen and mirrors it to your display.
  • Quad-Core Processor - Chromecast packs a punch for such a small device. In addition to the quad-core processor, it has 2GB of RAM and 8GB of built-in storage.


Chromecast retails at $49.99 USD directly from Google. It also comes in three different colors (Snow, Sunrise, and Sky) if you want to add a pop of color.

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