9 Examples of Digital Signage Content That Moves the Needle [2022 Guide]

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TLDR Key Takeaways





TLDR Key Takeaways





9 Examples of Digital Signage Content That Moves the Needle

Digital signage reaches 135 million people in the US each week, impacting more people than videoes over the internet or Facebook.

That's why it's absolutely vital for you to know how to leverage this tool to drive your audience engagement to a deeper level and improve your business outcomes. 

We've compiled a list of nine examples of digital signage content that moves the needle for organizations across all industries.

1. Social Media Dashboards

As digital signage becomes increasingly popular, businesses are looking for creative ways to use it to engage with their audiences and drive better results.

One way to do this is through social media dashboards. These dashboards are a clever way to keep your audience updated on what's happening with your brand, show off new products, and promote sales.

2. Current News and Event Announcements

Digital signage is an effective way to display current news and events in waiting rooms and lobbies.

By displaying headlines and short snippets of information, digital signage helps engage with visitors and clients to make the waiting experience more pleasant.

3. Weather Forecasts

If you're looking for a way to keep your employees, clients, and partners informed about the latest weather forecast, digital signage is a great option.

Easy-to-use, customizable options allow you to display only the most relevant information to your audience.

For example, if you have employees who regularly travel for business, you might want to include the weather forecast for the area they're about to go to.

4. Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are a masterful way to increase the average order value.

With digital boards, customers can see specials and promotions quickly and easily, while interactive digital kiosks allow them to place their orders with a few simple taps.

Display nutritional information and allergens to make it easy for customers to make informed choices about their food.

5. Sales Dashboards

Dynamic sales dashboards are a powerful tool that helps sales teams track their performance, improve their productivity, and acknowledge top performers.

Using specialized digital signage software allows you to pull data from multiple sources in real-time to help your sales reps stay on top of their game.

6. Wayfinding and Navigation

Organizations leverage digital signage to display wayfinding and navigation information in large buildings or complexes as a reliable way to improve the overall visitor experience.

By displaying clear and concise directions, businesses help visitors find their way around easily, reducing frustration and confusion.

Adding interactive features, such as maps and search functions, will ensure your visitors can always find what they're looking for without having to engage with your staff.

7. Meeting Room Signs

Meeting room signs are a great way to improve the efficiency of your meeting space.

Display the name and location of each meeting room along with the agenda and start time to streamline your operations and improve the effectiveness of internal communication.

8. 3D Digital Signage

In today's world, it can be challenging to cut through the noise and get people's attention. That's where 3D digital signage comes in.

3D digital signage helps capture the attention of passers-by and deliver your message in a way that's impossible to ignore.

Whether you're trying to promote a product or increase brand awareness, digital signage is your go-to tool to capture more eyeballs.

For example, this huge billboard featuring Boba Fett, the iconic bounty hunter from the Star Wars saga, managed to generate a lot of buzz around the franchise.

For fans of the series, the sight of Boba Fett on the Times Square marquee was sure to be a memorable one.

9. Holiday Signage

From Thanksgiving turkey to Christmas lights, digital signage is a marvelous way to spread holiday cheer.

Organizations leverage digital signs to create a warm and inviting atmosphere with festive images.

By including interactive features, such as holiday-themed games or quizzes, businesses can make their holiday signage even more engaging.

Meet Your Digital Signage Partner

Organizations use digital signage to get their message across to their target audience and improve business outcomes.

However, your digital signs are only as good as the software you use to manage your network.

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