The future of enterprise content management is here

With our enterprise scale content management and digital out-of-home advertising product, the possibilities are limitless.

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Introducing Campaigns

No need for add-ons here! Our Campaign Engine comes built into the Wallboard platform and manages dynamic Enterprise content
and OOH Ad Networks at the same time within the same network!
Easily manage content at scale

Organize content playback placement and timing to deliver your Contents on an even larger scale.

Organize easily with tags

Keep your content organized and easy to select using our intuitive tagging feature.

No additional fees

That's right. There are no additional fees for our Campaign module, it's all included in your license!

What, where and when to play

Three easy steps - what to play, where to play it and when to play it, and you're done.

Proof of Play

Know exactly when and where your assets were displayed and for how long.


Multiple advertisers, individually managed. Content and reporting right at your fingertips!

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Easily manage your content at scale

Enterprise Campaign Management is perfect for companies, healthcare providers, and schools who want to centrally implement
ever-changing communication with a large number of screens, in an environment supported by a permissions system, to make it easy
to manage but also to respect organizational rules
Manage hundreds or thousands of screens across various geographical locations
Sophisticated user permissions to ensure that your staff only has access to specified screens and content
Push out centrally managed content, while allowing localized content to be used as well - prefect for franchises or multi location businesses
Easy to use, intuitive content management and scheduling interface
Schedule content based on tags, location, time, data values or device group
Integrates with cloud folders so there is no need to connect directly with the server

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