Content Management
made easy.

The easiest and most flexible content management platform to organize your content. Drag and drop just like you would in Google Drive or Microsoft SharePoint!

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Say goodbye to frustration!

Every business knows that clear, captivating digital signage can make all the difference in engaging customers. But when your digital signage CMS isn't up to par, it can create a host of frustrations. From system glitches that disrupt your message to complex interfaces that waste precious time, a suboptimal CMS hinders your ability to communicate effectively. With Wallboard, you can say goodbye to frustration and hello to ease-of-use, integrations, automation and flexibility - everything you need for digital signage success!
Content Tagging

Keep your content organized and easy to select using our intuitive tagging feature.

Built-In Content Editor

True content creation features are inside of the Wallboard UI eliminating the need to create and edit media in third-party softwares.

Live-Data Connections

Easily add live data connections to your content from a simple Google or Excel spreadsheet, RSS or Social Feed, or database.

Advanced Permissions

Customize each users access and experience by screen, content and media asset!

Manage and scale with ease

Organize content playback placement and timing to deliver your Contents on an even larger scale.

Intuitive Scheduling Interface

No playlists here! Our intuitive scheduling interface allows you to manage your content across your network with ease.

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