The future of digital signage
is dynamic

Wallboard was designed from the ground up to run with today’s most popular and useful integrations.

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Dynamically update your content

Say goodbye to boring static digital signage. Harness the power of live data using Google, Microsoft, RSS feeds or other live data connections and let dynamic data bring your content to life. Perfect for menuboards, corporate communications and so much more!
No Coding Required

There's no need for a degree in computer science to create amazing interactive content. Just a couple of clicks in our Content Editor and watch the magic happen.

Data Triggers

True content creation features are inside of the Wallboard UI eliminating the need to create and edit your interactive media in third-party softwares.

Live-Data Connections

Easily add live data connections to your content from a simple Google or Excel spreadsheet, O365, RSS or Social Feed, database and more!

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Dynamic data made simple.